Bob Bodemer - Experience AND Relativity with Millennials

To my Millennial homebuyers: I understand that what is important to buyers change over generations.  I am committed to giving these valued clients what they seek:

1. I  ask questions about my client’s motivation for moving, their ideal future home and their financial process. This can make the decision process easier, and can help me approach them with the right home opportunities to pick a home they love, rather than just because it has a good listing price. While knowing sacrifice may be necessary, by asking my clients to prioritize their needs, they’ll be able to make a tough decision if needed.

2. As an experienced real estate agent, I know that buying a house costs more than just the listing price. However, most first-time buyers are unaware of this. While they may have fallen in love with a property that seems to be in their budget, after property taxes, HOA fees and commuting costs it could be more than they’re able to afford. To avoid this problem from the beginning, I give my clients a list of additional expenses I feel they might overlook. also provides a customizable first-time buyer’s resource to help clients learn the basics of home-buying so they won’t be shocked by an unexpected event. My expertise as an agent, allows me to create a better relationship with my clients.

3.We’re finally there – my clients and I have found their perfect home and made an offer. The seller agreed on the price and we’re ready to close. First-time buyers will surely be anxious to wrap up the transaction as soon as possible so they can move into their new home. However,  I remind them that it’s important to take the extra time to fully understand the obligations of their contract. It is incumbent upon myself as a professional to exceed expectations here, especially because navigating tedious contracts will be completely foreign to most home buyers. I am sure to explain their contract in a way that will put their minds at ease and help them feel satisfied with their decision. Making the closing process as stress free as possible is the primary reason that clients  feel comfortable recommending me to friends and family who may be looking for an agent in the future.

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