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When you go on vacation, you look for those extra touches that allow you to truly bask in the glory of being away from home. A luxury hotel doesn’t have to be much different than your California Home. There are certain tasks that you can complete in your home that allow you to never leave that luxury hotel style behind even when you’re not on vacation.

Keep It Clutter Free

One difference between a hotel and most of our homes is that of clutter. When you live in a house, you’re undoubtedly going to collect some clutter. If your living room furniture has gone beyond basic, think of removing a few pieces. Remember that with furniture in a luxury home, bigger is always better. It’s more practical to have one large, comfy piece in a large room than a bunch of smaller pieces that take up more space and don’t look as good.  

When it comes to decoration, less is always more. You can rotate your decor on a seasonal basis as well to always keep things fresh. Different occasions call for different types of decor. The important thing is for the room to look clear. While displaying things is nice, too much can lead to sensory overload for both you and your guests. 

Create A Focus

Every room of your luxury home should have a focus. You can do this with paint, pictures, or items that already exist in the room like a fireplace. The focal point of the room can be a bit busier than any other area of the room. Include pops of color and accents around the room that bring out your focal point. The art and decor that’s used around your home shouldn’t just be wonderful to look it, it should remind you of all the things you love. Did you buy a special painting in Europe that reminds you of your favorite sidewalk cafe? Does the statue that you ordered as a replica remind you of wandering around an inspiring museum? Use these pieces and make them the focus to continue to inspire you and help you feel alive.   

Don’t Forget To Pamper Yourself

Pampering yourself isn’t just an activity for while you’re away. Your bathroom should have that spa feel. If it doesn’t, you’re doing something wrong. Use the features of your hotel as inspiration for your own home bathroom. Do you enjoy a tub with jets? Maybe you’d like to install a sauna if your home doesn’t already have one. Anything that can improve your own health and wellness should be included in your California luxury home for the ultimate comfort.