New Homes Temecula - Murrieta, California

You may prefer a new home or at least want to make sure the ‘new home’ option is explored before making your decision when buying. When you hear about new homes it is usually the result of some sort of marketing  the builder has done. This could be newspaper or radio ads or flags leading you to paid sales reps at the model homes. Advertising executives for these home builders as well as the on-site agents will tell you the same thing if asked what their most reliable source of new customers is: “REALTORS!”

Being the local experts on our community, the New Home builders know that our influence over your decision is their greatest hurdle. So, when you start looking around at the community, call us first. We will make sure you see ALL the new homes. Not just the one Builder that got your attention. Because we have or have potential to bring the Builders repeat business, they are likely to be just a little more flexible to your needs when we present them. Contact us to learn more about purchasing new homes in Temecula and Murrieta, California.