Pre-Owned Homes, Temecula - Murrieta California

To search for Pre-Own Homes click here. Relative to other established cities in Southern California, Temecula is a newer community. Formerly known as Rancho California, our community started out largely as horse ranches and other properties with acreage. In the early 1970s the first track homes were built. Through two subsequent Real Estate booms, the community has flourished and become the fantastic city it is. In Temecula alone we have three high schools, six middle schools, and eighteen elementary schools. Our population exceeds one-hundred-thousand and the number of existing homes number in the tens of thousands.

Therefore, chances are good that you will be purchasing a pre-existing home. There is a reason that price per square foot is a deceiving statistic. Location, condition, upgrade selection, tax structure, etc. all are left out of the price per square foot comparison and cannot be accurately measured by searching for homes on line. Listing agents (including Bob and Rochelle) are experts at making even the worst homes look great on-line.

With a combined 26 years of Real Estate experience (all in Temecula), we know value when we see it. Why would you want to work with any other agent that did not have the knowledge, know-how, and friendly service that we have to offer? Contact us to learn more about buying pre-owned homes.